Da Camera of Houston: A Multimedia Presentation of Bach's Art of Fugue

In an original project conceived and elaborated by our first violinist, Mark Steinberg, we present J.S. Bach’s entire Art of Fugue in concert. The Art of Fugue is an intense meditation by Bach on a single theme, which is viewed from every imaginable perspective over the course of 16 fugues and 4 canons. Our project aims to leaven the rich density of this composition by bringing other media into the mix: several “fugal” readings by writers as diverse as Carl Sagan, Lewis Carroll and May Swenson, a play by Itamar Moses written in fugal form that we will perform ourselves, and an enormous stage sculpture by Gabriel Calatrava with which several dancers interact as they choreograph the music. Through these media, the audience is invited to share the feeling of being in the middle of a fugue as it is being performed.

The premiere of this project was in February 2016 at the 92nd St Y in New York, and we are excited to present it again for Da Camera of Houston on March 3, 2017.